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Website Support

It’s Included

Support is probably the most valuable thing we offer. We include support and consulting in all of our (non-free) packages which makes Gutensite unique. When you are part of our community, you will not be building and optimizing your website alone. For all paying packages we:

  • Will train you (as much as you wish) in how to manage every aspect of your new website

  • Will answer questions and troubleshoot any issues by email

  • For Growth and Pro Packages, will answer questions by email or phone

  • In addition, if you decide on a Pro Package, your Dedicated Webmaster Assistant can add and manage your website content for you

We Hate Calling Customer Service, Too

Like most people, we dread calling customer service when we have a problem with our cellphones or cable. We know what it feels like to climb through a phone tree, and hassle with powerlesss service reps. And we never, ever, ever want you to feel that way when calling us.

That’s why we empower our support team to make decisions and get things done. They won't leave you with “I understand that you are frustrated.” Our team are experts on the CMS, hosting, email, and other internet-related issues.

We never, ever, ever want you to feel anxiety or irritation when calling us.

Our support team have direct access to our programmers and designers for advanced help, as well as our executive team to make account decisions. We have processes and guidelines to streamline our support, but they don’t trump critical thinking. Our goal is to solve problems as quickly as possible, and to improve our platform.

We are a small company, so you get personal attention and very competent help (not call center trained seat warmers). But being small, that means we may get overwhelmed with support requests some days. We strive to resolve all requests within 24 hours (ideally 12 hours or even within the hour if it's a simple request). But if you need help faster than that, call us and call us again. We won't always be perfect, but we are committed to fixing any problems that happen. As we grow, we are also committed to putting our resources back into great support for you.

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Extra Support Tools

  • Help Center

    Helpful tutorials on how to perform common tasks

  • Support Ticket

    Click the "Help" button in the bottom right corner or login and submit a question from your account.

  • Guided Tours

    Take an orientation tour through your Control Panel any time.

  • Emergency Support (After Hours)

    We are on call for emergency issues during non-business hours.

More Than Website Support

Unlike other stand-alone CMS systems, Gutensite, is a completely supported ecosystem with design, branding, programming, consulting, hosting, and customer support services. You don’t need to source the best talent from each industry, we bring them all together. We take care of all the details for our clients from the first day, and every day after. Just ask the clients who have trusted us for more than a decade.