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We’re happy to offer our online web design questionnaire for free in the control panel of your new site. Along with a number of other free business planning tools.

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If you would prefer to download the questionnaires and send them by email, you can do that too (below).

If you'd rather live in an Alcatraz cell than use an online form, we'd love to help you get started. Call 866.523.7169.

Design Questionnaire

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Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you want in your website design. You obviously don't have to answer every question—feel free to bypass questions that you don't understand or don't consider relevant. But the more you can tell us now, the more likely we are to create a design that fits your goals.

Contact Information

What is the official name of your website?
What is the purpose of your website?
Do you have a vision statement or a tagline you want include?
What type of visitors do you want to draw to the website?
What would be a successful outcome for your website?
What services or products do you offer?
Select the category that best describes your organization's role:
Do you have a website currently? (please provide a url)
Do you want to keep a similar website structure?
What will your main links/sections be?
Do you want drop down menus in addition to regular menus?
Regular Menu
Drop Down Menu
What elements do you think you may want on your home page?
Are there any elements that you feel need to be on every page of your website?
What style is closest to the look you want for your website?
1. Minimal
2. Portfolio
3. Corporate
4. Illustrative
5. Textured
6. Magazine
7. Rock and Roll
8. Newsy
Which of these mood boards is closest to the look/feel you want for your website?
1. Corporate / High Contrast
2. Classic / Warm
3. Bold / Cool
4. Textured / Old World
5. Vintage / Whimsical
6. Modern / Cool / Open
Are there other websites whose design/look you like (if possible include websites for organizations that are different and similar to your organization/company)?
Do you like the way that any particular websites work?
Are there websites that you think of as “the competition” (i.e. provide similar products/services)?
Are there websites that cater to the same audience as you do but do not provide the same products/services?
Do you have any color preferences?
Do you have high quality professional images you want to use for your website (we will need digital versions sent by email or ftp) or will you need us to help you find good stock photography (the cost for stock images will be added to the project)?
Do you need any special functionality?
Anything else you want to tell us?
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