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Why Gutensite?

Chadwick Meyer

Chadwick Meyer [Co-Founder & Director]

Chadwick Meyer

Trying Out the New Time Machine

Chadwick Meyer

Daniela Meyer [Co-Founder & Lead Designer]

Chadwick Meyer

Trick-or-Treating With the Meyer Bairns

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We're Small Enough to Care

Gutensite was built by husband-wife team Chadwick Meyer (Co-Founder and Director) and Daniela Meyer (Co-Founder and Lead Designer). We still run the day-to-day operations with a small, talented and hard-working team. We often point out how powerful and robust Gutensite is but we'd like to take a moment to mention that because we are not a mega company, we actually get to know our clients and consider many of them friends. We are able to take feedback to heart. We love what we do and believe in the valuable service we provide.

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We've been accused of holding the reins pretty tightly when it comes to design and we're proud of that. Gutensite is unapologetically a Content Management System. The design of your site is crafted by a designer (Gutensite or any designer you prefer using our open API for designers and developers) and your Control Panel is used primarily for adding content rather than as a design tool. This means anyone on your team can manage your site without needing a design background. We've developed a unique system for designing beautiful content layouts that flex and match any design so that your blog, news, media, calendars, profiles, testimonials, communities and so much more look polished and beautiful as soon as a bit of information is added.

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New Site Map Overview

We recently launched a site map feature for your control panel which is completely unique to Gutensite. You can see the big picture at a glance, add new links, drag and drop current links as well as edit link and section names. You can also add content like blog entries and news right from the map. You could build an entire site without ever leaving your Site Map page.

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Steven Reichenberg [Customer Service Guru] Caught Trying on Urban Outfitter Accessories

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Our Support is Unbeatable

We are available. And we're serious about empowering you to build the kind of site you want to build. We will help you transfer an old site. We'll teach you how to use your Control Panel. And if you have a Pro Package, your Dedicated Webmaster Assistant will even add routine content for you. No matter how big we get, exceptional customer service will be part of our core.

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Real Content and Lots of It

Like most web companies, Gutensite is designed to manage small brochure-style sites with 5 or 6 pages. But unlike most web companies Gutensite can easily produce enterprise-level sites with hundreds of pages, large teams to profile, multiple news categories and menus that are four or more levels deep. You certainly have the power to design custom pages but unlike all the website builders we can think of, you don't have to build your site one page at a time. Our content is already beautifully laid out so that you can manage your site and still have time left to kiss your dog at the end of the day.

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Wait Until You See 2.0

We had to add one more. We're building a new version of Gutensite that we believe will revolutionize the way people build websites. Yes, it's a grand vision but we think it's going to be spectacular. Stay tuned.