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Premium Websites

Our Premium Package lets us take care of all the details with an old world approach to service.

Full Service

Proactive Support. We create and maintain a professional website for you that helps you accomplish your business goals. This includes consultation, setup, content creation, design, maintenance, analytics, SEO, social media, local business listings, and more.

Dedicated Account Manager. You will be assigned to one primary team member who will oversee everything you need, so you don’t have to rebuild a relationship or retrain us how you like things.

Call for a free consultation and personal setup: 866-523-7169

Lean Startup Methodology

We embrace and utilize a Lean Startup approach to building your website. This means we will help you deploy a professional website in phases that match your budget. We will help you determine what is the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that you need to accomplish the most important goals you have.

This approach will allow you to test your assumptions on a live audience, learn from real data, iterate changes based on hard evidence, and pivot as necessary in subsequent phases of your website’s development. This keeps your initial costs lower and makes deployment quicker. It also keeps you from wasting time and money on secondary phase features until your initial critical assumptions are validated.

Getting Started

Consult. We will consult with you to establish your goals and audience, so we can optimize your design and traffic flow to funnel clients to your conversion goals.

Setup. We will consult with you and advise how to structure and organize your content, and how to use all the available content types and tools in the best way possible to accomplish your goals.

If you need help transfering content from another website or adding content for the first time, we can do an affordable setup project. ($)

Build. Once we figure out the best strategy for what you need, we'll work with you to implement any additioonal custom design and/or functionality.

Deploy. We'll help you plan your launch date, and coordinate the technical aspects of domain and DNS configuration for a seemless website launch. We'll also make sure your email continues working through the migration.

Website Analytics

We will create a free Google Analytics account to help you see how your website is performing with your conversion goals. We will advise and train you how to get the most benefit from analytics.

Additional services are available for advanced scheduled analytics monitoring and optimization. ($)

SEO Setup, Analytics and Monitoring*

SEO Friendly Platform. Your entire website is built to be search engine friendly.
Get Listed. We will submit your website to all major search engines.

Monitor Website Health. Setup Google Webmaster Tools for monitoring the health of the website content from a search engine optimization, with monthly review of Crawl Errors, fix broken links, respond to HTML improvement suggestions, update URL Parameters, and correct other errors and optimizations.

Search Engine Optimization Setup. If you want to manage your own SEO, we will consult with you to discover your SEO goals, recommend initial valuable competitive keywords and ways to optimize friendly URLs, keywords and description, give initial competitive analysis and valuable insights for improvement, and advise a long term strategy for SEO that fits your goals and resources. We can help you setup third party SEO software like Moz that can give you helpful insights.

SEO integration and ongoing optimization. If you would like to embrace a more advanced SEO strategy and are ready to commit to a long-term investment, we can recommend one of our SEO partners who are experts in the field. ($)

Local Business Listings*

Create local business listing accounts on Google Places, Yelp, Bing Places and Yahoo Local.

Social Media*

Setup Social Media. Assist with the creation of Social Media accounts for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Integrate Feeds. Integrate desired social media feeds into portions of your site.

Strategic Advice. Advise and train how to develop and manage a social media strategy that helps you accomplish your goals.

Affordable Email Marketing*

Setup. We will setup an email marketing account for you at Constant Contact, Mailchimp or any other preferred service and help you import contacts, select a template and setup your first a campaign.

Training. We will advise and train you on best email marketing practices and campaign management.

Additional services are available for custom email newsletter design and campaign management. ($)

Additional Design & Content Creation*

Graphic Design. We will design weekly professional images for your home page (e.g. rotating promotional images, or module images), based on your marketing strategy and the ideas you share with us (up to 5 per month). Additional design work can be provided on an hourly basis or $50 per extra image. ($)

Content Creation. We will add content to your website to save you the time and hassle, and make sure that it looks professional. We will manage modules, update content, remove content, and help you keep your website organized.

Page Layout & Design. When you add new custom pages, we will make sure the design and layout is beautiful (up to 5 per month). Additional design work can be provided on an hourly basis or $150 per page. ($)

Reliable and Scalable Hosting

Professional Organizational Email. We will provide you with professional email hosting through Rackspace’s mail service (5 free mailboxes and only $2/mailbox for each additional). Or if you prefer, we will help you setup Google Apps for your organization.

Disk Space and Bandwidth. Start with 100 GB of Cloud File storage and 100 GB of Bandwidth. Additional storage and bandwidth can be added to your account as necessary at competitive rates.

Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting. Dedicated hosting is available for clients that do not want to reside on a shared server, have an extra low tolerance for downtime, and/or need extra CPU, RAM and dedicated Network Bandwidth (seasonally or permanently). ($)

Technical Assistance*

DNS & Domain Management. Manage primary domain and DNS records, plus yearly renewal for standard domain (TLDs). Additional Premium Domain & DNS Management is available for extra domains. ($)

Technical Help Desk. We will provide you with free advice for all your online related technical needs including team email, analytics, SEO, third party platform integration, website functionality upgrades, business process integration, etc.


*NOTE: Because the Premium package includes so much personal support and assistance, we do not require a minimum contract length (you can cancel at any time) but we do require a minimum of 6 months before you can downgrade to another lower package. Why? We don't want clients getting all the Premium services for one month, but then downgrading the next month before we can recoup our costs.

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