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Premium Domain & DNS Management

Let us help you manage the technical details for your website, so you can focus on your business.

Domain Management is the process of buying, renewing, and controlling the DNS records for your domain, to ensure that all the traffic to your domain goes to your web server, mail server, and other third-party services you may use.

Domain Management is simple in theory, but it can become a huge problem if your domain expires (it is easy to forget about your domain renewal year after year when rarely referenced, especially if email addresses and credit cards aren't updated). Periodically your web server or mail server may change IP addresses, and you will need to update the DNS records. If these are not updated perfectly, traffic to your website or email may stop working and you can spend days trying to figure out how to fix this.

Gutensite Premium Domain & DNS Management

Our primary business is helping you build and manage an amazing website that is a vital part of your business. As we do this, we want to take care of all the technical details of running a website, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our Domain & DNS management is an amazing service that allows us to take control of your domain so that we are responsible for this critical, but easily overlooked, part of running a website.


Service Includes

  • Discounted Domain Purchase and Yearly Auto Renewal
  • Who Is Privacy (your contact information is private in Who Is records)
  • Professional DNS Record Management
  • Expert and Personalized Support for all DNS Questions and Needs

Cost: ~$50/yr

  • $36.50 Yearly Gutensite Management Costs
  • Plus the discounted price of your domain (usually $13.50 but prices may vary based on domain)

We keep this affordable so everyone can afford our reliable technical help. The price for everything we provide is far lower than the basic domain purchasing costs at places like Network Solutions, so you will probably save money from what you are already paying, plus get much more.


  • Purchase or transfer control of your domain to OUR professional domain management account, where we will be responsible for renewing the domain every year.
  • Point the domain to our servers where we will manage the DNS records.
  • You retain legal ownership of the domain, we simply manage it in our account. At your request, we will transfer the domain to any other account.

Purchase Process

If the domain is still publically available, you can quickly purchase and set up the domain automatically within the Control Panel:

  • Under Admin > Tools > Domains, enter your desired domain name.
  • Purchase the domain if it is available.
  • Within 5 mins, the domain should load your website.

Transfer Process

If you currently own the domain, we take that burden on your hand:

  • You will unlock your domain and provide us with the auth code.
  • We will initiate the transfer of your domain(s) to our domain management account.
  • You will approve the transfer and await the transfer to complete.
  • We will manage the domain and ensure it is renewed yearly.
  • We will make changes to your domains whenever our hosting or your third party services require it.

Cancelling Service

Because we auto-renew your domains 30 days in advance of their expiration (and incur the third party cost of purchasing the domains), if you wish to cancel this service you must notify use at least 45 days prior to your purchase/renewal date.

Managing Your Own Domains

If you decide to manage your own domains, you will need them to point to your registrar's Name Servers (some registrars charge extra for this), and you will need to setup the DNS records for your domain to point to the correct destination servers for each service (e.g. web server, mail server, etc). We recommend enabling auto renewal, but you still need to keep your contact and billing information updated at all times or you may lose your domain when it expires. If anything goes wrong with your domain, you will need to contact the Domain Registrar company that you pay to manage your domains, for any support. We cannot support your domains if they are not under our control.