Other Popular Services

Make sure your website is supported by great branding and a comprehensive marketing strategy.


For organizations that will invest thousands or even millions of dollars in marketing, developing the perfect logo is a small but essential starting point that will pay for itself in increased conversion rates that result from greater confidence in your organization and memorability of your brand.

Basic Logo: $1000

The basic logo design package is for clients who need a simple professional logo. The process includes three initial logo designs, one round of revisions to your top choice and master files for print and personal use.

Standard Logo: $2,000

This standard logo design package is optimal for most small businesses and organizations who need more design options and the ability to refine a brand by interacting with the design process. The process includes ten initial designs, two rounds of revisions to your top choice and master files for print and personal use.

Recommended Logo: $3,200

This package is similar to the Standard Logo but also includes the production of a Logo Usage Guide, and a second round of initial logo ideas, if necessary, for a total of twenty logo designs to choose from.
We also offer branding consultation, name and slogan brainstorming, additional print design ideas.

Print Design

Business Card, Letterhead & Envelope: $1000

Once you have established your brand with a logo and/or site design, we can help you create marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes that integrate your branding in a seamless and beautiful way. Cost includes one design idea for each item, and one round of revisions. Once the designs are finalized we will provide master print-ready files.

Email Marketing Template: $1600

We can also provide an Email Template using your established branding. We will offer one email design and one round of revisions. When approved, we will install the template in your email campaign account with controlled editing options.

Brochures & Annual Reports: $3000+

We understand that printed pieces like brochures and annual reports are an important part of how you communicate with your audience. We think they should be beautiful, inviting and of course, communicate well. Prices are based on number of pages and revisions required.

Creative & Technical Consultation

Website Planning & Consultation: $1000+ @ $200/hr

If you're overwhelmed by the prospect of building a website and don't know where to start, let us help. We have a proven process that help us create a website for you that will bring the maximum value for your organization. The consultation can cover a range of topics, depending on your needs, and the complexity of your business needs. Even a simple website can benefit from just 5 hours of strategy, but a full consulation for a business that understands the ROI of optimization and good planning, can easily take 10-40 hours. The better the research and planning, the better the solution can be tailored to your specific audience and goals.

  • Research. Learn about your business and understand all the content currently available on your website.
  • Conversion Goal Evaluation. Interact with client to determine the critical conversion goals for the website.
  • Content Strategy. Suggest the types of pages, information, and functionality you need to communicate to your audience to accomplish your conversion goals. Suggest a value proposition and clear call to action for every page.
  • Funnel Optimization. Make sure each page and every feature funnels traffic to your specific conversion goals. If they do not add clear value, get rid of the page or hide it from the casual visitor.
  • Content Architecture. Suggest an optimized menu structure and sitemap for organizing all your content.
  • Functionality Evaluation. Figure out what functionality is required to accomplish your conversion goals, and the best way to build or source this functionality.
  • Business Functionality Integration. Evaluate your marketing, sales, and support channels and suggest ways to integrate these with the website solutions.
  • UI/UX Workflow and Wireframing. Produce detailed workflows for optimized visitor interaction with your website functionality.
  • Cost Estimates. Once we know what needs to be included on your website, we can provide high and low end estimates for cost, and give you alternative options for prioritizing your budget.

Marketing & Brand Consulting: $200/hr

Let us help develop suggestions for marketable domain names, company names, slogans, etc. In as little as 2 hours we can develop some solid ideas. You set your budget and we'll give you our creative best.

SEO Services

SEO Essentials Package

  • Tiny Site: $250 (0-5 pages)
  • Small Site: $350 (6-25 pages)
  • Medium Site: $500 (26-50 pages)
  • Large Site: $800 (51-100 pages)
  • Extra Large Site: $1,500 (101-200 pages)
Create SEO Friendly URLs, browser page titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions for each page. Set sitemap priority and update frequency. Submit website and sitemap to main search engines. Setup Google Analytics account to monitor site traffic.

Optimize Page Content: $50/page

Pick the most important pages and rewrite the content to include select keywords, i.e. maximize the use of the desired keywords to ensure that a given page will rank higher for those keywords in search engine results. Reformat the existing content to use tags <h1> and <h2> on important phrases and words to give search engines hints about more important keywords.

Technical Services

Premium Domain & DNS Management

Domain Management is simple in theory, but can become a hassle over the long run. We would love to take care of all the technical of running your website so you can focus on running your business. Learn more about the features and low costs of Domain & DNS Management.