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Live Local MLS via IDX

We connect to local participating MLS organizations, and stream property data directly to your website in a beautifully displayed and organized list with maps, satellite and street views, multiple property route mapping, easy filtering, saved favorites and recently viewed lists, detailed MLS information, photo slideshows, social media sharing, print options, and more.

Target Areas

Specific pages can be created that display precise lists of properties. These "MLS Target Area" pages can be filtered to show only personal listings, or other granular search restrictions like City, Price, Beds, Baths, Open Houses, Sale Status, Property Type, etc.

Some people choose to setup individual MLS Target Area pages for each community they represent, which allows them to link to repopulated searches showing lists of properties that match their criteria, thereby saving the visitor from having to enter their own search terms (although visitors can modify the search filters at any time).

Custom Searching

Others prefer to put the visitor in full control, so we provide a super simple search form that lets visitors enter their desired city name and other filters to customize their own search. The search filters provide auto complete hints for city or county names, to assist the visitor in choosing the desired search area. In addition, the visitor may choose to search from a map view, by zooming into the desired area and then hitting the button to "search within map" area.

Property Results Summary

Whether arriving from a Custom Search or a from Target Area page, the Results Summary page displays a list of all the matching properties, including upcoming Open House times, large photos, and critical information. Individual properties can be flagged as favorites for later viewing. The Results Summary page can be viewed as a standard list which elegantly displays 2 properties per row, giving ample attention to the images. Or the Results Summary can viewed on a large map, which allows visitors to visualize the location of all the properties in relation to one another. A third alternative displays the properties in "Quick View", which is a compacted simplified view intended to display more properties on a page.

The Results Summary page can be custom sorted to allow for preferential ordering of the property results. The visitor can also subscribe to an RSS feed of the particular search, or create an Email Alert based on the current search criteria.

Aggregate MLS Feeds

The Results Summary page can aggregate properties from multiple local MLSs for those who are members of several organizations. It can also be set to display your Personal Pocket listings as "Exclusives" on your site. So although you may upload your Pocket Listings to your website, you may display them only on

Property Details

The Property Details page displays a fuller view of the property information, with large photo slideshows, extra information, and a map that provides the option to get directions or see the street view for the property. If Community information exists for this city, a "Community Info" button appears to direct people to the relevant community details page.

Email Alert

From any Search Results Summary list page, a visitor can choose to create an Email Alert from the current filter. The alert can be given a specific name (in case they want more than one alert) and then they can specify how often they want to be alerted for new or updated properties. Then every hour (or chosen time frame) the visitor will be sent an email summary of all properties that have been updated on the market since the last email alert was sent out.

Visitors can create as many alerts as they want, delete them when they are no longer needed, or edit them to modify the search filters and alert frequency schedule. They may also add a friend's email if they want a spouse or friend to receive the same alerts. The emails can be custom designed to match your website look and feel. There are also monitoring options which allow the administrator to verify when the email alert was last checked, when the last email was sent, as well as a list of specific properties that were last sent to the client (with links to their details). Most importantly, the emails that are sent to the client include links back to your own site (not the MLS or some other generic company), which makes for a more streamlined and cohesive experience for your clients.

Sales Reports

For participating MLS organizations that provide Sold data, we provide a searchable summary of sold property statistics. This can be helpful for visitors that want to compare home price trends.