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Hosting and Server Infrastructure

The Gutensite platform runs on an advanced, scalable and redundant network of Cloud Servers hosted at Rackspace's world class facilities.


We load pages on our platform every minute of every day, so we know how important it is to have blazing fast performance. Each web server is carefully monitored to ensure maximum performance of every website. And database queries are load balanced across a cluster of database servers. Spikes in traffic or natural growth of website popularity, will trigger our platform to increase the size of a client's cloud server to handle the temporary load or we can migrate a website to a new dedicated server (or cluster of load balanced servers) that can handle the traffic.

CDN Caching for Speed

All your images, documents and multimedia are stored on Rackspace's Cloud Files with utilizes Akamai's CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache files at locations closer to your visitors. This makes websites load faster and frees up resources on your web server, which increases overall performance.

File Backups

All your personal files are stored on dedicated file servers on the cloud, which means they are backed up against data loss, and are served from redundant servers so that they are immune to any one server crashing. But if you delete your own files on purpose, they will be removed from the servers and the CDN cache to ensure your privacy and the security of your data.


Rackspace Cloud Servers are naturally tolerant against failure because they are just an instance of a virtual server running on a cluster of servers with basic hardware (CPU, RAM and network access) which references the hard disk (storage) that exists on a separate redundant SAN array somewhere else in the datacenter. If the server hardware fails, the server is just rebooted from the SAN on new physical hardware. If any one hard disk fails, the other SAN disks take over behind the scenes.

Still, any of our given Cloud Server instances could have a configuration issue which causes it to crash. If this crash is unrecoverable, the server can be spun up within minutes from the nightly backup (which just contains your website design template files and basic configuration, neither of which change frequently) and your website will be back online.

Your website's database is a cluster of read and write database servers which balance the load to optimize performance. Additional database servers are easily added to the cluster to meet whatever needs arise.


Thanks to Cloud Files storage, there is no limit to the amount of files that you can serve up on your website. And by utilizing Cloud web servers, your website can scale to handle any size traffic load that you require, whether you get unexpectedly featured on the news or your business is growing to massive proportions. Your website can scale to handle it.

If you ever need more than our standard offering, you can have confidence that our infrastructure allows us to custom engineer a private, enterprise level server setup for you that provides faster performance, load balancing and as much redundancy as you need. Contact us for details.

We've Got You Covered!

We realize that this is Greek to most people, but we want you to know that we're very proud of our infrastructure and are confident that we've created a stable, robust, and redundant system that will perform to professional standards at an affordable price.