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Don't know how to do something? Ask the community for their suggestions and get helpful step by step instructions. Learn something new and share something old with others
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Last Post: rotate pic
May 19, 13 11:57 AM
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Do you think you found a bug, a glitch or something not working right? Search for existing posts that may answer your question, or start a discussion on something new.
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Last Post: Header pics bacame large
Jul 17, 13 5:51 PM
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If you have ideas about ways to improve Gutensite, share them with the community and together we'll refine the ideas until we come up with a plan to implement the functionality we all want most.
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Last Post: Instagram linking
Sep 21, 13 3:08 PM
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Want to know what other users think about Gutensite? Create an account, try it out, and then come back and ask everyone else what they think.
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