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Your Control Panel

Our Philosophy

We separate the content from the design. Our philosophy is to give you a simple interface that lets you control the content without having to worry about how it will look. We consider it our job to make sure your website always looks beautiful and professional. Other CMS's provide more "creative control" over the website design. That may be good for professional designers, but in the real world it is overwhelming and it results in unqualified team members quickly making the website look unprofessional.

You know what you need to say to make your business grow and how best to communicate with your visitors. But we believe you are best served by letting our amazing designers determine how that looks. Our professional templates and content specific layouts make it easy for you.

Control and Flexibility

The more you use our CMS the more you will be impressed with how much control you have over the things that matter. When you first login to your Control Panel you'll notice that the interface is very simple. Your options are presented in big, easily recognizable icons. But if you want to exercise more control, there is a lot of power in the advanced tabs.

Every feature in your control panel works the same way. When you go to each feature—Blog for example—you'll see a searchable list of your Blog entries, and you can add a new Blog article or edit an existing one. The editing pages will provide you with clearly marked fields, such as "Title", "Content", etc., and you just enter your information and save. Your content is then automatically available on your live website.