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Q & A

  • Will Gutensite steal my clients?

    • Our business model is to create a platform that serves designers and design agencies. Our success is built on partners, so we will not endanger that relationship under any circumstances.
    • Our agency contract will specifically prohibit Gutensite from doing design work for a client without the express written approval of their Agency Partner (in cases where you need our help).
    • We will provide design work to our own clients, and only to your clients if you request our assistance.
  • Does Gutensite require an exclusive contract or quotas?

    • Gutensite will strive to create a designer platform that provides value to our partners and their clients, so that we earn your business through the superiority of our service. But we will not require agencies to design/develop exclusively on our platform, because we understand that no single platform is perfect for every website project. Agencies need the flexibility to pick the best tool for the job, based on the project and the preferences of the Client. But when we are a good fit, we will do our best to earn the loyalty and love of each client.
    • Gutensite does not require a minimum quota that you must meet per month or year. We value every single client referred, and will gladly work with agencies that refer one client every year or one-hundred. We do however require agencies refer a minimum of 5 clients before they qualify for revenue sharing, in order to minimize administrative costs on processing payments for partners that may quit. After this minimum is met, you will begin receiving checks for all clients past and future, retroactively for up to a six months.
  • Is Gutensite a long-term stable platform?

    • Gutensite is a debt-free, profitable company, successful in business since 2002.
    • Gutensite is a growing community with a bright future, and it would continue to be profitable even if it gained no new business.
    • The current Gutensite platform has been hosting successful websites since 2006, and is much loved by it’s loyal user base.
  • Is Gutensite scalable?

    • Gutensite has robust servers with resources that far exceed client load. And we are committed to always running powerful servers that can quickly scale for new clients, or to adjust to the growing load of individual websites. We are planning on completing a migration to Rackspace’s cloud in 2013 to improve scalability.
    • Gutensite’s has a team of quality developers on staff and available contractors that can scale to meet your development needs.
  • Is Gutensite transferrable?

    • If a client simply needs their own dedicated server for performance reasons or in order to allow third party developer access, but they wish to remain within our ecosystem, we can spin up a server and continue to manage their server, push bug fixes and feature upgrades to their site, as well as provide ongoing customer service. The cost for this will include the normal monthly costs, plus the costs of the server (with no markup), as well as a $200/mo management fee.
    • If a client doesn’t like our service or needs to branch out on their own, we can provide a single site license for our CMS and install the site on another server to be maintained by independent developers. The License fee is $1500 and the server setup and site transfer is approximately $5000.