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Designer Platform

Benefits of the Gutensite CMS for Designers

  • Use our website builder to instantly setup new websites for each client.
  • Create custom designs based on your creative goals, without layout restrictions imposed by a GUI.
  • Build and offer your own free design templates (in addition to or instead of ours).
  • Get your own sign up page, e.g.
  • Design unique content types and basic page layouts that ensure clients can add content that looks good.
  • Build your own master sites for easy cloning and quick setup.
  • Footer back links to your website for all sites you design.

Special Capabilities of the CMS

  • Powerful framework with advanced core functionality.
  • Customize anything to meet your clients' needs.
  • Beautiful and easy-to-use Control Panel that can be customized for client workflow.
  • Built to limit ”client creativity”—let clients focus on content while you control design.
  • Successfully used and loved by thousands of businesses, realtors, churches and non-profits since 2006.
  • Scalable hosting and flexible platform to easily upgrade as client's needs change.

Client Dashboard

  • View information about all your clients.
  • Track your revenue sharing history and profit payments due.
  • Access the Control Panel for your client's websites.

Wait Until You See 2.0!

  • Gutensite is developing 2.0 from the ground up to serve the needs of design agencies. We hope to have a beta available for testing 4th quarter 2015.
  • This will be a revolutionary platform that empowers design agencies to build quicker, more beautifully and efficiently, while also providing a workflow and user experience for the clients that makes content editing easy, fun, and non-destructive to the design.
  • We invite you to be part of the strategy and planning process to ensure that we have the features, flexibility, and tools you need to build great websites for your clients. This will be a tool built for you with the interests of your clients at the forefront.
  • The platform will be super efficient programming, 100% object oriented, flexible for customizing design and functionality, built on scalable servers, integrated with third party business tools like Google Apps, Youtube, Analytics, Email Marketing, etc., and built from scratch with all the knowledge we’ve learned over the past 6 years from 1.0.