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Churches Recommend Gutensite

City Church San Francisco

Gutensite is the best designed and user friendly CMS I have ever used. Their superb design sense is evident to anyone with any understanding of what is beautiful and their technical know-how and development team is the brains behind the beauty.

I have worked with Gutensite to develop four custom sites and have enjoyed the process every time. It is great to work with professional designers who can bring your vision to fruition. It has also been great working with them to fine-tune the site over time and develop custom features to better serve our site visitors. I will use Gutensite again and again and I recommend them whenever I talk to someone who is looking to launch a site.

Steven Starfas |
Director of Communications City Church San Francisco

Imago Dei Church

After our website designer moved away, we knew as a small church we couldn't hire someone to build and maintain a custom site, and then we found you guys. Of course we like the look of the design - that was all easy. After just a little bit of back - and - forth we got all the details hammered out. 

What I'm most excited about is that as a church we have lots of volunteers and the interface so far has been easy to use and easy to teach other people in our church to use. And when we've gotten stuck, Steven in customer service has been so nonplussed, talking me through how to do the things we want to do.

I'd recommend Gutensite to anyone!

Charlie Dean |
Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Church

Resurrection Brooklyn Church Network

We are really pleased with the design process with Gutensite. We had some complex design needs given the fact that we are a multi-congregational church. Gutensite helped us strategize a layout that worked best for us and then walked us through the entire process from logo design to launch. And since the launch Gutensite has worked closely with us providing great technical support.

Chris Hildebrand |
Executive Pastor & Director of Church Planning

Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

In addition to the fabulous design and surprisingly fantastic customer service, Gutensite's CMS is the best I've ever seen.

Will Lee |
Director of Communication, Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church, Suffolk, VA

Grace Seattle

We wanted a site that was well-done but not overly-slick. We also wanted a site that was warm and inviting without being cheesy and overly sentimental.  Gutensite delivered.

John Haralson |
Senior Pastor, Grace Church Seattle

Oakland City Church

We love the easy way Gutensite allows us to update audio and video regularly. It's easy and intuitive and all our staff can be trained to do it with consistency. We constantly get comments from folks about how attractive and informative the site is. Gutensite worked closely with us to get the kind of site that really suits us.

Josh McPaul |

City Church Philadelphia

What most impressed me about Gutensite was their ability to creatively translate our ethos into our web-presence. The feedback on our site is commonly: "when you first see our homepage, you get a pretty accurate sense of who we are." The design process was easy, enjoyable, and professional. I have recommended Gutensite to others and would use them again.

Drew Matter |
Assistant Pastor, City Church Philadelphia

In the Vine Anglican Church

I love Gutensite's beautiful design as well as the intuitiveness and power of the back-end administrative tools. The custom design process was very smooth. The designers listened to my needs and desires for our website, and exceeded my expectations.

Michael Swanson |
Reverend, In the Vine Anglican Church

Lake Oconnee Presbyterian Church

I would recommend Gutensite to anyone who is serious about their design needs, and passionate about little details that others seem to take for granted. 

David Ridenhour |
Director of Music and Worship, Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church

HaMoreh Ministries

Gutensite did an excellent job at working with our company until the media was flawless.

Loren Harper |
Assistant to the Director, HaMoreh Ministries

Christ Community Diablo Valley

Gutensite has created the best website Content Management System (that we've been able to find) at an amazingly affordable price.

Kenneth Brown |
Pastor, Christ Community Diablo Valley

Catholic Media House

They've given us a site that we are really proud of and we've received so many compliments already.

Stephen Officer |
Director, Catholic Media House

Daybreak Church Hawaii

When we began as an organization, we knew that a powerful, simple, and beautiful website was a necessity.  But we had a couple challenges- limited budget and limited time. This ruled out hiring a designer and also meant I certainly couldn’t build it from the ground up (had to be beautiful and simple, plus time was a major factor). We stumbled upon Gutensite and began with a free template.  Seven years later we’re still with Gutensite. Our organization has grown- and largely through engagement from our website. We’ve cycled through several different templates over the years and always found what we needed in a powerful, simple, and beautiful website.

As the needs of our organization have changed, the Gutensite team has always been there to help us grow and give the support we need.  They’re fast, friendly, and have always sought to help our organization out as best they can.  Plus they’ve allowed designing the details to be EASY!! Whether you’re a small business owner, realtor, running a non-profit organization, or a growing business. I can’t recommend Gutensite enough. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Sean Palmer |
Lead Pastor

Thank you guys for being great. We’ve worked with Gutensite for seven or so years and I always appreciate your customer support. I hit up a live support chat yesterday and the response time was quick, helpful and kept me going without a giant interruption in workflow for my day. Time after time when we’ve reached out, this is how we’ve been met in response. You guys kill it and I just wanted to say thanks!

Sean Palmer |
Lead Pastor, Daybreak Church Hawaii