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September 2010
September 2010
Broken Cup Makes Wind Chimes

We all know the old phrase "two wrongs don't make a right" and in a moral sense this is true. But in a broader problem solving sense that's not always the case. Sometimes two problems can compliment one another and one problem can become a great solution for the other.

I ride my bicycle to and from work every day. Part of my commute is along the Iron Horse and the Canal Trails which run along public land that has been protected from residential development because it hosts power lines and drainage canals. So these right of ways conveniently cut right through town.

I'm sure many people are unhappy to have the power lines cutting through their back yard, and plenty of developers lust after all that prime property that could be turned into generic tracks of housing. For many this probably represents a problem in the community.

But in a totally unrelated situation, there are a lot of citizens that bicycle around town for necessity and pleasure. The roads, where they are legally ...

September 2010
September 2010
Rethink Outside the Box

I'm working on a "top-secret", personal, side project which we hope to launch in a few months. The project is called "Comrade Share", and through our service we will provide new solutions to several common entrenched problems. In the process, I've come to some interesting conclusions about finding solutions to common problems. This isn't a roadmap to solving all problems, but it is one great way to rethink outside the box. And if the problem is big enough, your solution can change the world. Four simple steps can help us think through the process:

  1. Identify the Constants
  2. Identify Current Solutions
  3. Reevaluate the Constants
  4. Find New Solutions for Deprecated Constants

Identify the Constants

First figure out what the constants are in the equation. What are the limitations and obstacles that make this a problem in the first place? What are the constants that all previous solutions have tried to work around?


So pick a problem you often face. For the sake of this ...