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Agent Website Solution



As your recommended vendor for high quality websites


As the official, automated agent website platform for all your agents.

In either scenario, we can provide bulk discount broker pricing to you and your agents, as well as advanced management and branding for all your sites.


Sencha Template

Naki Template

Automated Platform

For Agent Websites

Providing all your agents with a beautiful and powerful websites, will improve your Broker brand and increase conversion rates for your agents. A high quality website is one of the easiest ways to make your agents stand out from the crowd and it’s a great benefit to offer new agents.


High Quality Agent Sites

This ensures that all your agents will have a very high quality agent website, which will reflect well on the broker’s brand, be a great bonus for agent satisfaction, and hopefully improve conversions.


Easy Deployment

Setting up new websites takes 30 seconds, or we can bulk import for all your agents. Your new websites will be cloned from a Master Site, so they start off fully populated with authorized content, community information, images, and property search.


Dynamically Publish Content to Agent Sites

When you make changes to your Master Site, you can update the content of all your agent's websites, e.g. add new community, update statistics, add photos, etc. Agents can customize your content and then will not be affected for that piece of content. But they can easily "Reset to Original Version" if they want your content again.


Easy Maintenance

Busy agents don’t need to do anything to maintain their website, and our support team can help them when they are ready to make any changes.


Easy Upgrade Path

Every agent will start off with a beautiful broker branded website on our platform, but it’s easy for power agents to upgrade or customize without having to migrate to a new platform, re-create content or learn a new system.

Sencha Template


Broker Account

In order to provide your agents with high quality websites, Gutensite will create a broker account that allows you to easily deploy and manage multiple agent sites. This account will provide you with:

Seven & Seven Template

Agent Sign Up


Exclusive Templates

You will be able to offer exclusive branded templates for your agents. This allows your agents to get a broker branded website for no startup costs.


Master Sites

You will be able to create one or more Master Sites that are used to clone new agent websites and to publish updated syndicated content to each site. This creates a turn key solution that gives the agents a fully populated website, with a beautiful design, authorized content and images (and agents can customize the content further if they desire).


Agent Sign Up Page

You will have your own co-branded sign up page that lets your new agents (or your support team on their behalf) create a new website.


Group Billing

If you decide you want to offer this as your default agent website solution, we can do central billing for all the active agent websites. If they upgrade to a higher package they will take over the full billing on their site or you can subsidize the cost at the same amount as the default agent website.


Bulk Deployment

If you have hundreds of agent websites, you can provide us a CSV file of the basic agent info, and we can deploy all the sites in bulk.


Bulk Discount

You will receive an exceptional bulk discount, with no minimum to maintain. You can start with one website and scale to 1000. We want to make it as low risk and easy as possible for you to get started with this solution.

Setup Cost: $1500


Master Site

Gutensite can help you create a Master Site that can be cloned for each new agent website.

Gutensite can help you create a Master Site that will be cloned for each new agent website. This would include standard menu structure and pages, e.g. About the Broker, Link to Corporate Blog, Communities (videos, photos, bios, school recommendations, etc), For Buyer, For Sellers, Property Search, Contact Form, etc. You will provide the content and either you will add it to the site with our support (free) or we can do all the work (recommended) of adding the content through the CMS, organizing the menu, optimizing the pages, and making sure every page is designed perfectly and ready for cloning.

The Master Site also functions as a dynamic syndication platform, that lets you publish changes to all your agent's websites, e.g. update community information, add new photos, update videos, etc. Agents can customize the cloned content, or revert back to the original version.

Pricing: $0-4000+

Pricing varies depending on how much planning and content setup you need.


Design Templates

We will create two or more exclusive designs for your agents to choose from. It's best if this includes some options for your agents, e.g. one light, one dark, one modern, and one classic, so that agents feel like they have some flexibility (while remaining consistent with your brand). This is particularly useful if your agents work in communities across a wide area with different aesthetics and design sensibilities.

Olav Template

You Will Decide:


Number of Exclusive Templates

How many exclusive free templates do you want your agents to choose from? Do you want them to be able to select non-exclusive templates as well from our standard free library, or ONLY show the authorized broker branded templates?


Custom or Hybrid

You can go through a fully custom website design process (starting at $8000). If you do a fully custom design, you may want to then do hybrid iterations of that design, so that each new design may only cost an additional $1000 or whatever it costs to customize. Or to save money you can pick one or more of our free templates, and request a hybrid design where we modify the design slightly in order to match your brand colors, fonts, include logo, module placement, etc (approximately $1000-$2000 per design).

Price: $2000+ for 2 templates and $1000+ per additional template.

Pricing varies depending on how much planning and custom design you need.



Creating a new website for an agent takes 30 seconds. Customizing will take less than 5 minutes. And agents can point their domain to the new site and deploy the same day. You have three options for deployment:


Bulk Import

You will gather basic information about your agents, e.g. Name, Contact Info, Bio, and Photo, and provide us with a spreadsheet or CSV file. We will use this information to deploy all your agent websites, send them a welcome email with their new password and temporary link to their website, and send instructions how to purchase and/or point a domain to their new website. Depending on how much you want to customize, and how your images are stored, we may need to do some custom work to prep the import.



You can send your agents an email with simple instructions to go to a co-branded sign up page to enter their name, and contact info to deploy their new agent website. They can then enter their bio and photo and customize their website however they want with support from our team.



If you only have a few agents, your team can create new websites for each team member in about 30 seconds per agent by entering their information at the signup page.


Setup Process

Site setup follows three steps:


Create Account

Accounts will be created by one of the three Deployment options (Bulk, Crowdsource, or Manual).


Customize Content

All the content will be cloned from the Master Site, so the website will be fully functional and populated. But the agent will probably want to add their own photo and bio (and then activate that page). Any other pages from the default content can be inactivated or edited, and new pages can be added. An automated tour is available for the admin, and our support team can give them a personalized tour if they wish, as well as direct support to walk them through every change they need. If they upgrade to our Pro package, they will also get a Dedicated Webmaster Assistant who will add and customize content for them.


Point Domain

The website will launch with a default URL with their username, e.g. (or we recommend you create A records in your DNS for each agent, e.g. When they are ready to launch with their own domain, they will enter the domain they wish to use, and then point their domain to the new website (we have instructions they can follow or give to their domain registrar). They can also purchase a domain directly from the control panel if they don't own one yet and our system handles all this for them.


Agent Website Costs

Our goal is to handle all your agent sites in a standardized and automated platform. We recognize you may have an existing agent website solution, but we want to make it as easy as possible to use our services.

Default MLS Listings Layout

So if you create a broker account on our platform, we will provide a bulk discount to your agents, even before we are your exclusive agent website platform, in order to earn your business long term. We are confident that once you have worked with us, you will want to migrate all your agent sites to our platform.

Standard pricing for our different packages is found on our Realtor promo site, along with some of the great features available. Independent Realtors on our platform most often use our Pro package ($95/mo) along with the MLS/IDX integration ($35/mo) for a total of $130/mo which provides a beautiful, powerful, feature-rich website, along with proactive support and their own Dedicated Webmaster Assistant.

Exclusive Agent Website: $30/mo

In order to provide a bulk discount, we have to make sure that we can still provide a superior service that is profitable enough to innovate and serve you long term. Technical infrastructure can scale, but the human costs of expert support is something we cannot and will not cut corners on. If necessary, we can create a custom package that meets your specific needs for an agent site based on features and support costs. But most Brokers choose our exclusive agent website package for $30/mo. This is essentially a 45% discount off our Growth Package, with a few minor changes, i.e. 50 custom pages, unlimited email support, and special introductory phone support for the first 30 days. It is a perfect website for the needs of most agents. And if the agent needs more features, extended support, or any customizations, they can upgrade to any other package.

MLS Search

Every MLS has different rules for access, so the MLS integration is traditionally an add-on service that requires agents to receive approval from the MLS. The MLS/IDX Integration is an additional $35/mo. If the Broker wants to package the property search directly into the default agent website, there are a few options:

Default MLS Listings Layout


MLS Broker Authorization for Agent Sites ($15/mo per site or a flat bulk fee)

Most MLS will allow the Broker’s agent websites to access the Broker’s MLS/IDX feed, if it is through the official Broker solution for agent websites. If the MLS allows this, we can bundle the MLS search in the standard package for a steep discounted fee.


Link to Official Broker Website Search (Free)

The simplest (free) solution for basic agent websites is to link to the property search on the broker’s website. This will open up in a new window so that when it’s closed the visitor will be back on the agent’s website.


RealScout or Other Vendors

Some brokers and agents already have a relationship with MLS Property Search provider RealScout. The widgets can be integrated directly on the website to allow easy search for visitors..


Customization Options

Gutensite is a flexible platform that allows any design or functionality to be customized if necessary. It is a turnkey solution that works great out of the box, but it gives high end agents the option of growing into a much more custom website that fits their brand and marketing needs. Agents can customize their designs with a hybrid project (e.g. $500-2000) or a fully custom website project (e.g. $8000+). Functionality can be customized on a case by case basis, depending on needs.