Website Setup Costs

Whether your budget is large or small we can help you make a professional website by giving you support to do it yourself or doing everything for you.

How to Make a Website Yourself

Once you've selected a Free Template, or commissioned a fully Custom Website Design, you'll still need to consider the content of your website. Gutensite is a powerful tool that puts you in control of content creation and management. But building a website initially requires some work. So after you've written your page text and collected your images, you'll add this content by making custom pages or utilizing a variety of pre-designed pages in the CMS (our Control Panel).

Of course, good design doesn't just happen, and even the best website design may not help if your page content design is poor (or boring). So after you are finished, we recommend that you identify your most important pages and ask us to "polish" them.

Page by Page Polishing:

Full Service Website Setup

Even though our Gutensite CMS is easy to use, and extremely powerful, you may be too busy to setup your pages initially or you may just prefer to let Gutensite do it right the first time. After the website is setup you can maintain and update information as necessary in the future. This strategy will certainly result in a better looking website and free you to focus on your business.

Once you have a general idea how many pages you want on your website, add the appropriate estimated costs below to your General Design costs, for a better idea of your full design project costs. Or call our project manager for a true personalized quote.

  • Per Page: $50-350
  • Tiny Site: $650  (0-5 pages)
  • Mini Site: $1,000  (6-10 pages)
  • Small Site: $1,700  (11-20 pages)
  • Medium Site: $3,500  (21-50 pages)
  • Large Site: $6,700  (51-100 pages)
  • Extra Large Site: $13,000  (100-200 pages)

NOTE: the above estimates are for basic page setup and design, and do not include programming for custom functionality. Many advanced functionality pages already exist on the CMS, and when they do we'll utilize them to meet your needs. But any page that requires additional custom functionality will require a custom quote.