Popular Website Features

All of our features have built-in design so you can focus on the content. Upload a few videos, add events to your calendar or write a blog entry and the pages will look polished and ready for visitors.


Map & Directions Page

Instant Contact Page

Every website comes with a pre-built interactive map page that dynamically displays your location (or multiple locations). You can update your address using the control panel and visitors can generate step-by-step directions.

Your website also comes with an automatic contact page that displays your address, phone, fax and e-mail as well as a contact form where visitors can send questions or comments.




Profiles can be used to show a list of team members, offices, jobs, committees, etc. The list page has large images, summary information and a link to a full details page with bio, image, contact info and related calendars for each profile and more.

Testimonials can be displayed with a title, comment, name, position, community and image.





Blogging adds keyword rich content to your website which vastly increases your search engine rankings and visitor appeal. Our blog feature allows you to organize multiple blogs in nested categories and to choose how many blog entries to display per page. Blogs can be associated with images, documents and media. Archives can be searched by date or keyword.

Portfolio images can be placed in nested categories and each portfolio piece can contain multiple-image slideshows. Slideshows can be labeled with date, location, description and a url. Slideshows with more than 3 images can be viewed also as a list.



Topical Articles

If you routinely have news to post, statistics or awards you want potential clients to know about, our news tool is a great way to do that. These articles provide more searchable content to help boost your page rankings. Old news items are automatically organized and archived in an easily searchable format.

Topical Articles work much the same as news articles. They can be associated with related articles, with slideshows, and with media as well as relevant documents. You can set up a module on your home page to automatically display excerpts from your latest articles along with date and author.



Custom Pages

Post audio and video files, organize them in nested categories, associate them with images, other media, related documents and other related pages on the website. Detail pages can display an image, description, speaker, related downloadable pdfs and articles. Your media library comes with advanced searching capabilities including custom filters and custom fields.

Your website comes with a wide variety of prebuilt content, but sometimes you just need to make your own custom page. Start with a blank page, and add text, images, slideshows, multimedia, upcoming events or extra links. You can style the content with pullouts, lists and special headers using our content layout templates.



Discussion Forums


Our forums empower you to facilitate discussion among members on any topic. You can start unlimited discussions and multiple topics within each discussion. Users can create their own profiles and rate responses.

You can view events from different categories on one calendar all at once (each with its own name and color code) or link to them separately. The calendar allows for advanced repetition options and mini promo modules on your website can be setup to automatically display upcoming events on your home page or elsewhere. Choose to display events in calendar format or as a list. Visitors can print or subscribe to the church calendar.


Image Library

Downloadable Documents

Organize your image library in nested categories and upload multiple images from inside each feature in your control panel using our image uploader. You can also batch in a series of images using an ftp program and you can create an image profile to set your own custom sizing for any image type you plan to upload often.

Documents can also be organized in nested categories. They display in a list with icons to let users immediately recognize the file type.


Helpful Links

Member Accounts

Tour links tool helps you create a library of resource links for your visitors to reference. They can be searched and organized into nested categories using your control panel.

Gutensite allows you to enable visitor accounts on your website so that people can become members by making their own account, which allows them to access special benefits (like email alerts, wish lists, and any resources or pages you want to limit to members only). It also allows you to gather contact information from visitors and to build a larger client or member base. This functions as a CRM (Client Relationship Management) that ties visitor activity throughout all the functionality of the site.



Promo Modules

With our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) feature, you can educate visitors in a question/answer format. You can also group your questions together by category and related questions. This feature is great for offering technical support or highlighting basic information about your organization.

Promo Modules is a general term for small excerpts that can be placed anywhere in your website. They can be dynamically generated from your calendar, blog or news or you can create a small list of helpful links or an image linked to another place on your website. Our home page designs usually allow for one large image module and several small content modules. You can also place multiple modules in the sidebar of specific pages and sections.


Multiple Admin Accounts

RSS Syndication

Assign various task-based permissions to different administrators to share the work load of updating and maintaining your website.

Syndicate your News, Articles, Blogs, FAQs, and Multimedia content.


Site Wide Search


Allow visitors to search your website using a Google Custom Search Engine.

Create profiles of the communities you serve, with descriptions, community links, service directory, slideshow, video, maps, etc.



Service Directory

Our podcasting functionality allows you to turn any of your multimedia audio or video into an iTunes podcast. As you add new multimedia you simply associate it with the podcast category and iTunes is automatically notified of new media and anyone subscribed to your podcast will be prompted to download the new podcast feature.

Offer a directory list of common services or recommended service professionals in a community. For example, you may create Service Categories like "Electric", "Cable" or "Pest Control". And then for each category list the names and contact information for each provider. This list can be generic, or it can be restricted to each city or community. The Service Directory will show up on relevant community details pages or on a general Service Directory page (if you wish to have one).


Custom Forms


You can create custom forms to ask your visitors for particular information you need to gather.



Online Store


Our store feature includes everything you need to have a professional ecommerce website to sell products, services or events. We can help you get your small business online whether you have just a handful or thousands of products. Your store will have immense power right out of the box to sell physical or digital products. You'll have the flexibility to customize anything you need to meet your specific business needs, integrate with third party apps, and create a workflow that serves your customers and saves you money. The store can be used by non-profits to accept general or project specific donations.

The Intranet includes project management & task management that let you estimate costs, create work statements, track progress, invoice completed projects, time tracking, and more. It also includes a lightweight CRM (Client Relationship Management) and employee management portal to store your vital employment information, billing rates, productivity, etc. It will give your organization a secure website to collaborate and share.


Email Marketing $15+


We can help you integrate with third party professional email marketing software that can integrate directly into your website in order to capture subscription requests and to send newsletters to your contacts. Custom email templates can be designed, or existing free templates are available for use as well. The software tracks campaigns, manages subscriptions, provides reports and statistics of who opened the emails, which emails bounced, etc. It's a powerful tool that no business should be without.