Dedicated Webmaster Assistant


As an extra, professional service for those subscribed to our Pro package, we provide a Dedicated Webmaster Assistant to help you build and manage your website.

What is it?

This service allows you to send website update requests to your own dedicated webmaster assistant via phone, email, or courier pigeon, and they will make the necessary changes to your website for you, e.g. update statuses, upload images, post blogs, change menu, etc. This helps non-technical or busy business owners focus on what they are great at. Your assistant can serve you best when you provide content and clear direction.

What is not Included?

This is not a creative service—your webmaster assistant will not write blogs, poems, sonnets or sermons. They are not graphic designers, so they will not design your webpages (beyond basic standards) or search for the best stock photography images to use, etc. But we can provide those separate creative services, if you need them.

This is not a data entry service, your webmaster assistant will not toil at a keyboard entering massive amounts of data by hand. If you need to import data, we can have a programmer map your data to your database and import it programmatically with a small side project.